Monday, February 17, 2014

Two paintings and one frame

The Martyr
9 x 12 in.
Oil on panel

Here is my Presidents day weekend project 2014:  My version of a 'Tabernacle' frame. I've have always liked the looks of this style of frame, thought mine is far from the craftsmanship and quality of a true Tabernacle frame. It is constructed of maple and painted black. I had this painting (The Martyr)  of mine in another frame and thought it might be a good candidate to try and make a Tabernacle frame for.  

Lanscape with red clouds
8 x 8 inches
Oil on canvas

A small landscape. My cel phone's camera doesn't seem to have good quality in close ups. It could be the operator and not the phone.

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Dr. James J. Ripley said...

Re. The Martyr:
Where Redemption-Justification-Salvation Is of the One Act ad extra of the Three Persons in circumincession, and yet where we are redeemed by His Blood, it is She from whom His Blood and Body obtain. St. John Damascene, in De Fide Orthodoxa iii, writes: “the Son of God, from the Virgin’s purest blood, formed Himself flesh animated with a human soul.” St. Thomas Aquinas and the Ven. Maria de Agreda concur, that the Body of Christ was formed and fashioned by the Holy Spirit from the Most Pure Blood of the Most Immaculate Heart of Most Holy Mary, upon Her informed and loving fiat. Wherefore, She is the first to give Her blood for Christ, the very blood out of which His Body and Blood Is formed, She is rightly entitled Co-redemptrix. Redeemed by the Blood of Christ at the moment of Her Immaculate Conception, She, at the moment of the Incarnation in and of Her body, is the first to give Her blood for the purpose of our redemption. Indeed, although in the Blessed Sacrament His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity are Really Present, He emphasizes, “This Is My Body” and “This Is My Blood,” firstly because of His Sacrifice in These but also to honor Her from Whom these ultimately obtain. From Her first fiat at Her Immaculate Conception, most humbly, wittingly, willingly, and with such great suffering and sorrow does She offer Her single-celled body that it may become the Sustentacular Matrix for the Body and Blood of Her Onlybegotten toward the purposes of His Great Sacrifice. Truly, not only is our Queen Mother of royal blood, but the blood in Her veins is the same as that which flows from the Side of our Redeemer King.
From The Magnificat (A Marian Devotion)