Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New! ICEL about to issue plain song settings for the Mass

Finally we might start singing Sacred music rather than religious music at our Masses! the ICEL (international commission on Ennglish in the liturgy) is comming out with plain song (chant) settings for the Mass. On the right column is a link to download the new plain song settings from the CMAA (Church Music Association of America). Though they aren't officially out yet, They have been given permission to email them out to those that ask. Finally! No more 'sugar-sweet' secular melodies that do nothing to bring the heart to compunction and Awe at the Sacred Mysteries.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Painting:The Young Soprano

Here is a new painting. The title is 'The Young Soprano'.
The inspiration is from a Sunday a few weeks ago. In the Parish church where I go for Mass, there was a woman looking over the sheet music and rehearsing her part. Her voice was well set and she, just looking at a section of a Handel Oratorio, was practicing her part without any care who was listening or watching. I was dumbfounded; to be able to sight read music (either sung or performed) to me is a gift to be admired. This young lady with the beautiful voice raised my spirits so I thought I would honor her. In this painting I imagined a singer, during Handel's time, practicing in the warm glow of a candle's light.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My newest book- Capuchin Days

I have a new book out. Back in the 1970's I lived with the Italian Franciscan friars in Italy. This book tells of the experiences I had.See my published books