Monday, March 25, 2013

Brothers Of The TAU

This painting I am working on is of a Religious Orders of Brothers that use the Greek letter 'Tau'
on their habits.

Note: St. Francis of Assisi marked his very first habit, a peasant's cloak, with
a 'T' in the front with a piece of chalk. He was always fond of the Greek 'Tau'
because of its visual association with the Cross of Christ. In the only handwriting of his
preserved, a blessing he wrote to his dear friend Bro. Leo,  one can see that he signed it with a 'T'.

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Dr. James J. Ripley said...

Much as Mary Immaculate is the Ark of the New Covenant but not of wood and pitch, much as She is the New Jerusalem but not of stone and mortar, She is the Cross but no mere tree; for She is that Sustentacular Matrix of flesh and blood and spirit with which anima, through its spiritual operations in Her free agency of witting-willing compassion, She magnifies the Lord as no mere inanimate or non-spiritual construct can; for the Fruit of that Tree Is the Fruit of Her Womb.