Sunday, April 10, 2011

This will change the heart of Man

This book may well be the beginning of a radical change in the tide of mankind.

The author, Paul Badde, searches out the true 'Veronica', that is, the supposed image of Christ's face that has been revered, seen, and written about since the earliest times of Christianity but which was suddenly  lost, stolen, or taken in the 1600's from The Vatican. Today it resides in a humble Franciscan Church in Manoppello Italy - and those who look upon it are changed forever.

Once can go to the website for the Italian Santuario del Volto Santo for pictures and information as well at:

Also thee is a web albumn with photos at:

The book, however, is where to find out the most interesting history of this veil and how it came to be in this Franciscan Church. It realloy is a must read for all Catholics who thirst for the Blessed Christ.

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