Monday, July 19, 2010

St.Padre Pio

On going through my slides, I found this one. An old photo taken in 1918 or thereabouts of the Famed Stigmatic Franciscan Priest, Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. This particular picture was taken in the Friary Garden where he lived and died. His body had the 5 wounds of Christ imprinted on it–the incident happened in 1918 when he was alone in prayer in the choir loft. He wrote the details of the experience to his Spiritual director in whom he confided with many letters which were released after his death in 1968.
His life is full of the most amazing gifts of the holy spirit, one of which was the ability to bi-locate to parts of the world to help souls in need while never leaving his humble mountain friary. He could read hearts as well- and those who came to confess to him in the sacrament of penance will testify that if they tried to hide any serious sins, he would start naming them, where they took place, and how many times! It could be very un nerving for the man or woman who came to him out of curiosity only.

At his canonization in Rome on June 16, 2002, one can see that this man has touched millions worldwide.

For more photos and a more about his amazing life, CLICK HERE.

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