Saturday, May 22, 2010

Louis Jadot

Meet M. Louis Jadot.  A rather odd little fellow is this one. Forever getting thrown into prison and escaping only to be found again and the cycle continues. What's strange is that Louis gets caught in the oddest places; a monastery where the police notice an odd black ball trailing behind his long Black Monks habit; a circus where it is discovered that one of the trapeze artists has a ball and chain hanging; or at the opera where a tenor seems to walk rather oddly dragging a big black ball and chain. He was even once caught while performing in Swan Lake, the giveaway: his pirouettes knocked out six of the nearby dancers on account of the heavy ball that swung wildly.

Ah, poor Louis! Alas, all he wants to do is have fun in life but can't help but steal watches, false teeth, wooden legs and other trinkets of his travels.


Ben Hatke said...

Does the ball talk to him and give him advice when no one else is looking?

J.R.Howley said...

Ben -I never thought of that but it would add some good humor to the already wacky situations.