Sunday, January 31, 2010

They don't come much cuter than this!

Meet 'Grigio' (Italian for Grey). This most cute and sweet little fellow was dropped off at a shelter 3 days before Christmas. Last Sunday, Linnea could wait no longer for a cat (our 4 year old cat 'Mezzo' disappeared on Christmas day, taken away most likely by a coyote), so we went to a cat adoption at the local pet and feed store. As soon as I saw this little guy, I knew he was the one. So we broght him home and named him for his color.  But a little bumpy road lay ahead.  He was very thin, though active; yet we were given medicine to help him along. He stopped eating and drinking at one point and because of his frail size we became very anxious.  His little sweet heart was always appreciative and he loved to cuddle in linnea's lap for hours on end.  I figured it was time to enlist someone whom I knew could help this little fellow pull through- St. Padre Pio!  I felt a little foolish asking God, through his servant St. Padre Pio for help. With so much suffering and need in the world it seems trite to ask for the health of a cat - Yet God, who is the creator of all things big and small and holds them into existence finds no request to small if done out of love.  So I took out a 3rd class relic of St. Padre Pio, blessed little Grigio with it with the sign of the cross then placed the relic under his bed.

Within a few days or less, he began to recover quite well. Eating, and drinking became more frequent and he began to leap and toss about like a healthy little kitten. He is still small and delicate and probably will always be. Linnea and he have bonded tightly- as she does so well with cats. I am thankful to God and St. Padre Pio for the little fellow's health. His simplicity and meekness (is as much as a cat can aquire virtue!) truly remind me of the unfathomable love of the creator for his creatures.

Another note; the Ceanothus trees are in bloom here in Topanga and they are Spectacular. He is a picture of one on our hill side.

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Paul D said...

Grigio looks very much like Poppy whom we adopted just a year ago, the sweetest cat, she makes up for Ziggy, he bites and scratches at the most inopportune moments... but when he got really sick a couple of months ago I did pray to Padre Pio as well, he got better either from the antibiotics, Padre Pio or both.